Apr 11, 2021

Meet Our Staff

Qeros Tours Peru was established in 2001 in Cusco-Peru with the vision to offer unique, sustainable, pleasurable, comfortable, adventurous and satisfying treks and tours for the gracious people visiting Peru. Through tourism we are able to help our Community of Qeros and other Andean Communities to maintain their cultures and identities and to become self-sufficient avoiding exploitation by

others. Our other purpose is to minimize the impact on the environment, which we strive to protect as much as possible. We are a licensed professional Travel Agency in Peru paying legal taxes and fair salaries to all of our office staff, guides, cooks, porters, horsemen, etc. Our staff at Qeros Tours Peru are not employees but a family, a team dedicating their time to better serve our clients visiting Peru from all over the world. Qeros Tours Peru carefully hires skilled and professional staff to guarantee a perfect vacation and safety. We carefully design Tours and Treks in Peru to offer the highest degree of customer service satisfaction and socially responsible tourism. Our happy customers rave about their tours and treks with us and have written wonderful testimonials here on our website and on Trip Advisor. We listen to our customer's comments and suggestions therefore offering the ultimate vacation. Thus, when you choose Qeros Tours Peru as your preferred travel agency in Peru, you will feel our passion for our culture and heritage as we share it with you. Qeros Tours Peru is a company full of patience and flair and able to show you a superb time in Peru with enduring memories for a lifetime.

Meet our Wonderful Staff at Qeros Tours Peru !
Qeros Tours Peru's office staff is enthusiastic about travel and adventure and prepared to show you a grand time in Peru. Our team is a group of professionals with previous vast experience working as; archaeological guides, wildlife guides, overland drivers, mountain leaders and mountain bike guides to name a few. Thus, no one is better placed to create tours and treks that appeal to a wide range of special interests in your Peru Tours. We are ready and willing to show you a superb memorable time in Peru… Give us a try........and you will never regret it...

Samuel Cumpa, Managing Director of Qeros Tours Peru
Samuel Cumpa was born in Cusco, he has an ancestral background from Sicuani & Paucartambo and is the part-owner of Qeros Tours Peru and his brother Edgar. He studied Tourism in Cusco because he is passionate for its Pre-Inca and Inca Culture, ancient traditions, Peruvian history and let's not forget the exquisite cuisine of Peru. Samuel is fascinated when he meets people from all over the world to dazzle them with information of his precious Peruvian Culture. He loves the outdoors, Inca and Pre-Inca Cultures, and is currently studying Administrative Engineering to further improve Qeros Tours Peru. This enterprising young man will always greet you with a warm welcoming smile and make you feel like family. He wants to show off his divine country of Peru so that you can appreciate every aspect of your vacation with him. Other than tourism his greatest joy is helping the local communities in the Sacred Valley because he believes in giving back to the Quechua communities what they earned in business.

Qeros Tours Peru Managing staff

Edgar Cumpa Checya - (Administration Manager)
Edgar is part-owner of Qeros Tours Peru and brother of Samuel. He has been working with Qeros Tours Peru for several years, first as a guide and then as an administrator in the office. He speaks Quechua, Spanish & English. Edgar was born in Paucartambo, province of Cusco. When he moved to Cusco, he studied at the Esitur International Tourism School in Cusco to earn his license in tourism and he also studied English for 2 years at ICPNA. He continued his studies in Natural Biology in the university, to learn more about the Peruvian biological diversity. At the same time, he has much knowledge in Marketing & Administration. Edgar is passionate about travel in Peru and brings forth his enthusiasm to Qeros Tours Peru. His favorite job is working in the industry of tourism because he is able to provide the highest level of service to our customers from around the world, coming to explore the Andean World.

Ruben Quispe Quispe - (Operations Manager) Ruben is part owner of Qeros Tours Peru and has been working with us for over 5 years, first as a guide on the Inca Trail, Amazon Tours, Biking Tours and Archaeological Tours and many other routes around Peru. Now he brings forth his expertise and works in the department of Operations. He is fluent in Quechua, Spanish & English, and has an understanding of French. Ruben was born in Tipon, a small community south of Cusco. He studied at the Esitur International Tourism School in Cusco for 3 years and earned his license in tourism. Then he studied English for 2 years at the Speak-Easy Language Center in Cusco. Ruben is very knowledgeable in Peruvian archaeology and is always brushing up on his information to pass on to our customers. Ruben is currently furthering his studies in Economy to help the growth of Qeros Tours Peru. His favorite part of working in the industry of tourism is meeting people from all over the world to share his history and culture of his beautiful country of Peru.

Roy-Even Slettvik (Community Project Coordinator - Marketing Consultant – Reservations Manager)

Roy is in charge of our community projects. He was born in Stavanger-Norway and has been working with Qeros Tours Peru since December 2007. Roy traveled extensively throughout Peru and South America in 2007-2008, and dedicated a year visiting local village festivals throughout Peru and Mexico. In Peru he spent a lot of time with families in remote Andean Communities, as well as dancing (with a complete lack of natural ability, some may say !) and drinking large amounts of local firewater. Roy is our Marketing Consultant and is currently working on several projects to promote handicrafts and textiles from local mountain communities.

Pedro Eddy Alva (Australian Manager & Representative)

Pedro translates to Peter in English. He is married to Debora, both originally from Peru but currently living in Sydney. During his childhood, he vacationed in a rural area called Rio Seco, located in La Merced (Department of Junín), located 6 to 7 hours from Lima, with his parents & grandparents, and as a result, he discovered his passion for tourism and his culture. When he completed his education, he traveled throughout Peru visiting many places such as Huánuco, Ancash, Cerro de Pasco, Cusco, Machu Picchu, Amazonia, Ica, Piura, Nasca, Arequipa, etc. taking in the spectacular natural landscapes and learning about the local traditional lifestyles. His travels around Peru opened up his mind and broadened his knowledge of the different cultures in Peru. He is our Travel Advisor in Australia and is the principal company representative there. Pedro enjoys working with Qeros Tours Peru because he is able to share his knowledge and passion therefore, providing the highest level of service for all visitors, especially the Australians.

Roxana Conde (Lima Manager & Representative)
Roxana studied administration at INTUR-PERU, one of the best schools of tourism in Lima. After receiving her degree in tourism, she worked for a travel agency and in different hotels, before deciding to move to the Amazon and Cusco to work as a manager in various areas of the travel companies and hotels. She adores animals and plants, especially monkeys, and takes great pleasure in trekking, swimming and dancing but travel remains her passion. Roxana knows that Peru is a magical country, with fascinating cities and places that are yet to be discovered and explored. One of her goals is to have more people experience an adventurous and enriching time in Peru taking in the stunning landscapes, rich cultures, traditions, tasting the mouth-watering cuisine, and basking in its natural ecosystem with yours truly, “Qeros Tours Peru”...

Doris Freire (Travel Advisor)
Doris was born in Ecuador and grew up in New York City. Over the years she has traveled to Germany, Holland, Austria, Italy and all over the United States and to Ecuador. She has lived in Cusco-Peru for 5 years, working in Tourism. She brings in different cultural experiences from all over the world with her. Doris finds it thrilling to meet and speak with the wonderful people visiting Peru from all over the world. She feels everyone should come visit Peru to feel the mystical energy from the ancient cultures and take in the superb landscapes, mountainous regions, intermingle with the locals and taste the delicious cuisine. Doris is waiting for you with a warm smile...
Qeros Tours Travel Consultants
  • Frank Cajigas
  • Jasmany Ochoa
  • Wilson Aceituna
  • Franklin Huarco
Qeros Tours Peru Psychologists & Therapists

Dr. Margot Flores - Dr. Elizabeth Mora

Our Team in Operations (Leader Guides, Cooks, porter & drivers)

Qeros Tours Peru only employs experienced professional licensed guides whom are eager to share their history and culture of Peru, and great cooks who will prepare the most delicious cuisine every time. We employ professional skilled drivers with a clean record guaranteeing your safety and experienced hardworking porters. They work with you on every facet of your trip around Peru, taking care of all trip details so you are able to have an enjoyable time in Peru with no worries. Our team is a group of qualified experts in the local environment and history of Peru.

Leader Tour Guides:

  • Carlos Aranibar
  • Raquel Arellano
  • Valentin Baca
  • Raul Guerra
  • Franklin Baca
  • Juvenal Iturriaga
  • Vidal Jaquegua
  • Wander Jimenez
  • Angel Lanza
  • Edison Macedo
  • Alfredo Ochoa
  • Carlos Ore
  • Juan Carlos Quenaya
  • Cesar Inocente B.
  • Oscar Quispe
  • Iric Tayro
  • Angel Valencia
  • Ruben Zabala
  • Juan Garcia
  • Horacio Rodriguez
  • Jose Medina
  • Roger Sanchez
  • Pascual Borda
  • Diana Palomino


  • Lucio Perca, Rolando Chino, Renato Paucar
  • Mario Chino, Serapio Huamani, Cirilo Paucar
  • Juan Pablo Mamani, Rolando Mamani, Fidel Puma

Porters and Horsemen

Qeros Tours Peru employs about 60 porters taken mainly from the three Andean communities of Pisac, Colquepata and Paucartambo.


  • Aurelio Cumpa, Vicente Anccalle, Percy Romero.

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