Jun 03, 2020

Why Choose Qeros Tours

Since 2008, Qeros Tours Peru has been able to satisfy many exclusive customers thanks to our Tours and Trekking expeditions throughout Peru. Our priority is to provide outstanding service and experiences to our clients. As part of the professionalism we aspire to, environmental and social responsibility are key for us: we strive to minimize our environmental impact and respect the culture of the People of Peru in order to make tourism more sustainable. Our agency therefore only works with experienced and professionally licensed guides who have great knowledge of the environment, local culture and history.

 Professionalism - Our licenses:

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A Unique Travel Experience:

At Qeros Tours Peru, we encourage you to step off the beaten paths, embrace the unexpected and immerse yourself in the extraordinary Peruvian Culture. We prepare our tours exclusively for you, allowing you to encounter Peruvian locals, customs and awe-inspiring wildlife in a way that suits your needs.
Personalized Service:

Each member of our dedicated team specializes in particular Peruvian region, and therefore possesses an unparalleled wealth of knowledge. Whichever destination you choose, they will work with you in every aspect of your trip, taking the utmost care with every detail of your trip, extensions, and providing specifics on everything you'll need, from appropriate clothing and altitude-related concerns to visas and comprehensive reading lists that will spark your imagination for the journey ahead. Travel in the experienced hands of Qeros Tours Peru, and ensure safety and comfort on your Peruvian adventure, every step of the way.

Price and Value:
At Qeros Tours Peru, we believe that a memorable travel experience is priceless. Our prices reflect top-quality treks and tours, personalized service as well as our environmental and social responsibility, all of which we make priorities.

We offer the largest assortment of destinations in Peru, with excursions through the Andes, Amazon Jungle and Coast in private or group service for all ages. In addition, Qeros Tours Peru can arrange a Romantic getaway, Adventure tours and treks, Historical and Cultural, or Spiritual and Mystic journeys, Singles' getaways and more! 

Because we understand that every traveler is different, we pride ourselves in tayloring every experience to your needs: just pick your departure date, destination in Peru, tour style and service level, and we will carefully design a tour package that meets all your desires.!


Quality Warranty - Our aim: the best quality of service to each and every one of our travelers. Our motto: "The Customer is always right". 
Satisfaction -
Word of mouth and repeat customers are central to Qeros Tours. We therefore commit to guaranteed satisfaction, every time.

Feedback Our clients' feedback helps us to continuously improve our quality of service. Feel free to read testimonials on our website or Trip Advisor, and if you are already part of the Qeros Tours family, please leave your feedback as well!
Accuracy -
We do our utmost to make sure that the information provided in our brochures and on our website is accurate. However, due to circumstances beyond our control, things can and do change. Rest assured that, when feasible, we will contact you ahead of time to inform you of any such modifications.
Guaranteed Departures:

Go ahead and choose a guaranteed departure date for complete peace of mind. Sit back, relax, and start looking forward to the adventure of a lifetime in Peru with us.

Note: We cannot guarantee a departure date, tour or trek if, due to circumstances beyond our control, it would put you in harms' way: in the event of strikes or unfavourable weather conditions for example.
No Single Supplement:

We believe single travelers should enjoy the same advantages. We will gladly pair you up with a roommate of the same sex to ensure you get the best price too!

We use mini vans, buses, airplanes, trains and even horses, mules and llamas: we are all about variety. Sometimes local transport is the best and most colorful way to go, but, depending on your choice of destination, service level and trip style, we provide alternative ways of getting around too.

From unique home stays and hotels to sleeping right under the Andean night skies, our options will provide you with the most authentic experience possible, always reflecting the local character and spirit of the Peruvian culture. We guarantee comfort throughout your holiday vacation with us.
Small Groups:

At Qeros Tours Peru, we believe the smaller the group, the better the experience. That's why we average just 10 travelers per trip in our treks and Amazon Expeditions. Our Overland journeys are the exception, in which we use buses that can carry up to 30 travelers. Whenever possible, we recommend private tours to enjoy the utmost luxury experience.

Flexibility and Independence:

Qeros Tours Peru is flexible when it comes to schedules and tours. Head-off to explore independently or just chill out in a café and watch the world go by. We include all must-see highlights on our trips, but also allow you the time to explore at your own pace.
Fair Wages for Staff and Porters:
As part of Qeros Tours Peru's social responsibility, we strongly believe in fair wages and working conditions for all of our hard-working team, including our porters. Salaries are paid according to government regulations and the porters all enjoy insurance. Every member of the Qeros team is crucial in bringing to you the best Peruvian experience.
Environmental Impact:

Qeros Tours Peru prides itself in caring for the environment and offering low impact treks and excursions. Our guides and staff practice a zero-trace-left-behind policy, and are constantly trained on how to preserve the environment as well as on any concerns regarding our natural surroundings. 
Maintaining Culture and Traditions:
The management of Qeros Tours Peru originates from the Peruvian community of Qeros. We are proud of our roots and traditions, and therefore work hand-in-hand with the Indigenous People of the Qeros Community, and other highland communities, to help them reach self-sufficiency through tourism, so as to improve their way of life and boost their economy, while maintaining their ancient customs and traditions.

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