"We would like to thank everyone involved in providing a great experience for us on the Inca Trail we had so much fun and enjoyed every moment of it. The guides were great; they treated us like friends and made us feel at home. The porters were always friendly and provided outstanding service. We have no complains, this is a trek we will definitely recommend to family and friends".

Responsible Tourism

Qeros Tours Peru Sustainable Operations and Initiatives. As a leader in a sustainable adventure travel in Peru, Qeros Tours Peru is dedicated to offering low-impact tours that benefit traveler and host alike. We work with local communities, businesses and individuals to develop sustainable tourism opportunities that help local economies while minimizing negative environmental and cultural impact. While

Meet Our Staff

Qeros Tours Peru was established in 2001 in Cusco-Peru with the vision to offer unique, sustainable, pleasurable, comfortable, adventurous and satisfying treks and tours for the gracious people visiting Peru. Through tourism we are able to help our Community of Qeros and other Andean Communities to maintain their cultures and identities and to become self-sufficient avoiding exploitation by

Why Choose with Us

Since 2008, Qeros Tours Peru has been able to satisfy many exclusive customers thanks to our Tours and Trekking expeditions throughout Peru. Our priority is to provide outstanding service and experiences to our clients. As part of the professionalism we aspire to, environmental and social responsibility are key for us: we strive to minimize our environmental impact and respect the culture of the People of Peru in order to make tourism more sustainable. Our agency therefore only works with experienced and professionally licensed guides who have great knowledge of the environment, local culture and history.