Choquequirao Trek 4 days

The Choquequirao trek is a truly spectacular trekking that plunges down into the Apurimac canyon and then up again to the fascinating archaeological site. While this is a tough trek, you are rewarded with spectacular views the whole way. The archaelogical complex of Choquequirao, perched on a steep ledge high above the Apurimac river is not as extensive as Machu Picchu, but probably more fascinating and much more remote. This is a very unique trail in the high Andes. This sanctuary was most likely built during the reign of the Inca king Pachacutec Inka Yupanqui and is considered to be the last bastion of resistance & refuge of the Sons of the Sun, who fled from the city of Cusco when it

was under siege in 1535. Led by Manco Inka Yupanqui, they took refuge in Choquequirao. Presumably it was used both as a checkpoint to access to the Vilcabamba area and as a cultural & religious center. The city played an important role as it was a connection between the Amazon Jungle & the city of Cusco. The region has a lot of microclimates and a landscape full of snow-covered peaks of about 6,000m/19,685ft. The Choquequirao trek is the place where you'll discover the great citadel of the last inca kings and also you'll reach the beautiful ecosystems.

Choquequirao Trek Overview:

  • Duration: 4 days/3 nights.
  • Starting Point: Cusco/Cachora.
  • Ending Point: Choquequirao/Huanipaca/Cusco.
  • Physical Demand Rating: Moderate/Challenging.
  • Age Restriction: 12-year old children.
  • Trip Code: MTS - 0011.
  • Tour Type: Trekking, Cultural, Adventure.
  • Accommodations: 3 nights camping.
  • Service Level: Standard - Deluxe.
  • Guarantee: Departure is Guaranteed.
  • Style: Personalized.
  • Carbon Emissions: 360 CO2-E.
  • Group Size: 2 minimum, 10 maximum.
  • Transport: Horse, walk, Mini-Van.
  • Price from: US $

Choquequirao Map


Choquequirao Trek itinerary:

1st day: Cusco – Cachora – Chiquisca
We will leave Cusco (3,400 m. / 10,991 ft.) approximately at 5:30AM. First, we will head for the village of Cachora (2,850m/9,350ft) to meet our horsemen and the mules that will carry all the camping equipment during the expedition. Thereafter, we will continue our journey towards the pass of Capuliyoc (2,800m/9,186ft). The trek offers a beautiful view of the mythical Padreyoc mountain, the deep canyon and the river Apurímac, meaning "speaking god". Thereupon, we will descend towards the canyon bottom named Chiquisca (1,930 m./ 6,332 ft.) where we will spend the night.

  • Climate: warm.
  • Hiking time: 7 hours.

2nd day: Chiquisca – Playa Rosalina – Marampata – Choquequirao
After breakfast, we will descend to Playa Rosalina (1,550m/5,085ft). From there, we will continue heading for Marampata (2,850m/9,350ft) where we will have a beautiful view of the archaeological complex of Choquequirao (3,033 m./ 9,951 ft). Our camping site is located 25 minutes from the settlement.

  • Climate: both cold and warm.
  • Hiking time: 7 hours.

3rd day: Choquequirao – San Ignacio – Carmen
At sunrise, we will first visit the archaeological site of Choquequirao. By now, only 35% of this "golden cradle" has been exposed. Thereafter, we will descend to the Apurímac canyon deepest part called San Ignacio at 1,500 m/4,921 ft and have lunch. After that, we will ascend to our campingsite in the beautiful gardens of Carmen (2,000 m./ 6,562 ft).

  • Climate: moderate climate with mosquitos.
  • Hiking time: 6 hours.

Note: Due to the ecosystem constant changes, this day is considered to be the most beautiful one. Nevertheless, the route from Choquequirao to San Ignacio is at some parts very slippery. Therefore, we ask you to watch your steps carefully. Moreover, we recommend carrying sufficient drinking water with you.

4th day: Carmen – Tambobamba manor – Huanipaca

The gardens of Carmen are situated close to the Tambobamba manor (2,500 m/8,202 ft), a region having been governed by landowners during the 19th & 20th centuries and considered to be one of the most fertile valleys to cultivate maize and a variety of potatoes. We will pass little villages such as Pacobamba & Huanipaca (3,150 m./ 10,335 ft.) and will return to Cusco by bus.

  • Climate: moderate, warm.
  • Hiking time: 5 hours.
  • Transport time: 5 hours.

Choquequirao Trekking includes:

1. Official English-speaking guide (two guides for groups over 8 persons).
2. Transfer by private van from Cusco to Cachora.
3. Entrance to the Choquequirao Complex (one time).
4. Horses to carry food, camping gear & backpacks.
5. Experienced cook.
6. Cooking equipment.
7. Teatime everyday (coffee, tea, pop-corn, biscuit).
8. All-weather tent (4-season tent), 2 people per tent with plenty space for backpacks.
9. Double thickness foam sleeping mattress.
10. All meals on the trail (3 breakfasts - 3 lunches - 3 dinners).
11. Water supply (boiled) after every dinner or breakfast.
12. Return by private van from Cachora to Cusco.
13. Kitchen & dining tent with camp tables & chairs.
14. Tents and food for our camp staff.
15. Trekking price include government sales tax (19% known as IGV).
16. First-aid kit & Oxygen bottle for any participant and our camp staff.
Every night, keep everything locked up in your tents to prevent any problems with robberies.

NOT included:

  • 1. Sleeping bag can be hired from our office for US $5 USD per day.
  • 2. Lodging in Cusco.

Is recommendable to have Yellow Fever vaccination (or Malaria) because you will be 3 days in the high jungle. We never hear news about problems with Malaria in this zone but it's better to be prepared. It is also important to be well-acclimatized to the altitude, try to spend 2 nights in Cusco (3,400 m.) prior to do the trek.

Along the way you will met many people, especially kids walking long distances to arrive at school and study 5 hours and they go back home after that maybe for 30 minutes or 2/4 hours, depending how far they live from the school. Normally, they are sons/daughters of very poor farmers living on the mountains. We strongly recommend to help us and give some presents to them, like: pencils, Notebooks, dictionaries, toys, clothes (socks, gloves, hat, T-shirt, etc) and something to eat. We don't recommend giving them things like candies, chewing gun, soda, camping knife or money. If you really like to make a picture of them, especially of adults, we strongly advise you to ask first. If you don't speak any word of the Spanish language (español), coordinate with your guide to see if is possible to have pictures of them. Local people don't permit to take pictures of them, because they believe you're taking on their spirit with you inside your camera.

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