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The Colca canyon in Peru is one of the deepest in the world and home of the majestic condor. Arequipa’s mild climate and altitude (2,300 masl – 7,500 feet) make it the perfect place to acclimatize before continuing the trip to Cusco or Puno. Visits to the Valley of Colca have been introduced relatively recently, in the mid '80s. This is an area of astounding scenic beauty with its canyon 3,400 meters deep, its vast plains surrounded by majestic volcanos ranging from 5,000 to 6,425 meters above sea level and its pre-Hispanic terraces, possibly from

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The Colca Canyon is located north of the city of Arequipa, at 180 km (111,8 miles) from it. Over this valley, the erosion from the Colca river creates a canyon of about 70 km./43,5 ml in length, being the deepest of the world (3,000 m./9,842ft). Very beautiful landscapes with strong winds, overflown by condors which are the biggest flying birds in the world. At the Lookout (Mirador) "Cruz del Condor", located among Maca & Cabanaconde, it is very common to see condors in their majestic flight. Between December & March, the waters of the Colca

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The Misti volcano (5,825 m.) have a symmetrical cone of considerable scenic beauty, it is located in southern Peru near Arequipa, the third largest city in the country, it lies at the foot of El Misti in a fertile valley located 2,400m above sea level. El Misti is a Quechua name meaning "the gentleman". El Misti volcano stands at 5,825 m. and lies between the mountain Chachani (6,075 m.) and the volcano Pichu Pichu (5,669 m.), these all impressive mountains, located northeast of Arequipa, are visible almost year-round, but especially during winter

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The Cotahuasi Canyon is well-known for its great panoramic views; this trek is a mix of fantastic sceneries that the north part of the Cotahuasi Canyon can offer us for 5 day of visit (we pass through the highest & longest hanging bridge, visiting geological rock formations, Inca and pre-Inca ruins, local textile factory, hot springs and more, besides we gonna have some stops to see the petrogliphs of Toro Muerto and the dinosaur footprints; for lunch we have the many options of shrimp and rest on hammocks in the Majes River Lodge. Come and

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