Pachacamac and Lima city tour

We go to the Historical Center of Lima to enjoy the beauty of this capital city, visiting the main attractions and the architectural monuments that are beautifully-lit at night, like the San Martin Square, the Bolivar Hotel, the Main Square, the Cathedral, the Government Palace, the City Hall. All of them are well-illuminated in the tranquility of the nighttime. Then, we will take our private car to go to the Reserve Park known as "The Magic Circuit of the Water". It has beautiful fountains with colored playing water, with laser rays dancing according to the music. You will also have time to walk inside of this park and enjoy the fountains and play with the water if you want. After that, we will visit Barranco, which is the

Lima City Tour & Gold Museum

Welcome to Lima, "The City of Kings", a city full of history & cultural heritage. Travel with us around Lima and visit the great convent of San Francisco, a colonial gem that keeps all the treasures from the Spanish era still today. Visit some of the best museums in Lima, such as the Gold Museum, Larco Herrera Museum, Museum of Archaeology, Anthropology and History of Peru. Explore the ruins of Pachacamac, home of the most important god on the Peruvian coast. Enjoy also our modern Lima, visiting the most important areas, such as Miraflores, San Isidro and the traditional district of Barranco. Do not forget that Lima is also full of nightlife with fancy restaurants, local peñas, great casinos, salsa discos, pubs and great nightclubs.