Sillustani - ancient tombs - Puno Peru

Sillustani ancient funeral towers Half Day Tour

We invite you to visit the pre-Inca funerary towers of the archaeological site of Sillustani, which is located on a hill with extensive views of the beautiful Umayo, a lagoon that according to local legend is haunted. During this excursion in Puno, you will learn about the various ancient cultures who used the funeral towers of the site to house the mummies of noble families.


We’ll pick you up at your lodging in Puno around 2pm to begin our trip to the funeral towers (Chullpas) of Sillustani. En route,we’ll stop briefly at Yanamayo Lookout, a great spot for taking photographs. From there, we’ll pass through the rural landscape of the agricultural and ranching community of Atuncolla district. Upon reaching our destination, we’ll need to hike up the hillside to reach the archeological site. At the site, you’ll have nice views overlooking Umayo Lake.

The guide will explain the meaning, use, and history of the burial towers, which were used by the Pucará Culture, the Tiwanaku Kingdom, the Kolla, and finally the Incas, after their conquest of the area. Mummies in fetal positions were housed in these towers to await rebirth. Some of the towers reach 12 meters of height, with a circumference that is wider at the top than at the bottom. There are also other structures from different periods: monolyths, an Intihuatana solar clock, and Incan baths. A short distance from the ruins is the Site Museum, where diverse relics unearthed at the site are exhibited. Finishing our tour we’ll return at the hotel at Puno around 6pm.



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