Tourist bus Cusco to Puno - Sun Road

A Tourist Bus Cusco to Puno: this trip is approximately 8 hours, leaving from Cusco and ending in Puno, during our tour we will have 4 visit stops by the most impressive and beautiful Andean landscapes: valleys, rivers, unique panoramas, and the flora & fauna of the great corridor of southern Peru.
Our first stop will be in Andahuaylillas, having the Sistine Chapel of America, then proceed to visit the temple of the god of the Incas (Wiracochan) in Raqchi, after that, we reach the highest point of our

route which is located in "La Raya" at 4,335 meters, after that, we continue our journey to the town of Pukara where we visit the museum of the pre-Inca culture Pukara. Each visit lasts approximately from 20 to 40 minutes, where the passengers can ask questions, take pictures and you can also do short walks, making the trip a very enjoyable and pleasant experience.
During our road trip, we will have lunch in Sicuani, a typical buffet "Novo Andina" style, the diet includes red meat & white meat, also Andean grains & cereals, vegetables and fruits.


Andahuaylillas Colonial Church - XVII Century (well-known as the "Sistine Chapel of the Americas"), where you can appreciate its beauty and unique interior, vault ceiling decorated with many murals.
Raqchi Archaeological Center - Where we see the rest of the high walls of the temple of Wiracochan, probably built by the Incas as a large roof. On both sides of the tall wall, the large sloping roof supported by rows of round pillars with adobe unusually finished. You end visiting all the major venues for many homes and buildings used as warehouses around agricultural products. The entire complex is surrounded by a stone wall several miles long in length.
La Raya - At 4,335 meters, the highest point on our route with great views of the mountain range.
Archaeological complex & Pukara Museum (a pre-Inca culture).
Finally arriving in Puno; where the legendary Titicaca Lake is situated, from which emerged the founders of the Inca Empire.

Duration of tour: 9 hours.
Frequency: Departure every day.
Start Time: 07:30 am.

Tour includes:

  • Tourist Bus Cusco - Puno.
  • Bilingual official English/Spanish guide.
  • Admission to all the attractions.
  • Buffet lunch in the city of Sicuani.


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